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Omek Group

OMEK is the Major Consulting Company in Greece in the area of Planning, Development and Management of Engineering Infrastructure Engineering Projects. Main object of its activities is the provision of an integrated package of technical support services in all phases of Major Infrastructure Projects Design and Construction, particularly in Motorways, Metro Lines, Dams, River Diversions, etc.
The long experience of OMEK gained through the years of Technical Consultancy in Infrastructure Projects Administration and Construction Management has resulted in provision of High Quality Services to the Clients. In all Major Projects, OMEK developed tailor-made Quality Management Systems, which in combination to the high level of Engineering Experience secured the Planning, Design, Execution and Closure Processes of the Projects.

The Works Breakdown Structure (WBS) is developed at the initial stages of the Project and analyzes the project technical scope in detail, giving the ability of implementing traceable codification for any particular construction activity.

OMEK over the last 20 years has adapted a working approach of developing and implementing Quality Management Systems, compatible to the International Standards and adequate for the management of Major Infrastructure Projects.

For the effective administration of composite works, a significant number of primary or/and supplementary data - information is required, which are directly or indirectly connected with the phases and activities of the Project.

OMEK over the last years is a Major expertise in:
Highway and Road Design Review (Phase I of RSA)
Road Signage and Safety Design Review (Phase I of RSA)