Expertise of OMEK Group

The long experience of OMEK gained within the years of Technical Consultancy in Infrastructure Projects Administration and Construction Management has resulted in provision of High Quality Services to the Clients. In all Major Projects, OMEK developed and implemented specific methodology for the Works Breakdown Structure, which combined with tailor-made Quality Management Systems, secured the Planning, Design, Execution and Closure Processes of the Projects.

The above State-of-Art was developed on behalf of the Project Owners of the two most important Projects in Greece in the last decade (Egnatia Odos and Attiko Metro). The successful experience from the implementation of the above Methodology, resulted in development of appropriate Data Bases, which together with available tools (Suretrak Project Manager of Primavera, MS Project etc) and other software are incorporated in an environment of Management Information Systems (MIS). Such an environment is currently implemented in the successful Monitoring and Supervision of the Concession Motorways Projects in Greece where OMEK is participating in the scheme of the Independent Engineer J/V (Ionia & PATHE Motorway and Central Greece Motorway)