Delays and disruption claims

OMEK has realized that Delay claims, linked to disruption and acceleration cost claims are common in the Construction Projects.
For this reason OMEK is implementing a Strategy of Dispute Avoidance and Resolution, by establishing collaborative, open and constructive team approach, concentrating adequately in the design stage of the project focusing in analytical constructability reviews, allocating contract related risks and managing them, dealing with claims in a positive and timely manner and encouraging stable adequately skilled Project Teams.

However in case of failing due to objective reasons to prevent Constructor Claims and based on the strict implementation of the Management Systems presented in previous chapters together with the attention of the Contract Documents our staff is specializing in Analyzing and Determining Constructors’ Claims related to Delays and Disruption caused by the Clients’ performance.
It is realized that in Major Projects the implementation of DELAY AND DISRUPTION PROTOCOLLS is essential to reach objective results when Constructor’s Claims are Determined.

Indicative Methods of Claims Analysis and Determination are:
•    Time Impact Analysis. This method is used to plan the impacts of particular delays at the point in time at which they occur and allows the Determination of the effects of individual events.
•    Window analysis. For this method the program is divided into consecutive time “windows” where the delay occurring in each window is analyzed and attributed to the events occurring in that window.
•    Impacted plan where the original program is taken as the basis of the delay calculation, and delay defaults are added into the program to determine when the work should have finished as a result of those delays.

Relevant projects as field of application: Construction Manager at Egnatia Odos Highway Western Section, Independent Engineer for the Concession Projects of Ionia Odos/PATHE and Central Greece Motorway.