Health & Safety

OMEK is treating the employees as the most important and valuable assets. Health and Safety principles and practices form the basis of the working environment both in the offices and on site. It is the daily priority to integrate safety and health into every process and work activity through the involvement of all employees in establishing, implementing and auditing the most appropriate healthy and safe approaches through documented procedures and systems. OMEK implements an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which prescribes all administrative, organizational and operational prevention measures and means required in each phase of the company activities

The main duty of OMEK Health and Safety Experts is to safeguard that the Constructors working practices are capable of preventing accidents. Their major activities are summarised as:

  • Inspections of works on Health and Safety issues at all stages of construction with the use of checklists. These checklists incorporate all the legal requirements both National and International.
  • Inform, and at occasions train, worksite staff on their HS duties.
  • Cooperate with engineers of other disciplines of OMEK or the contractor depending on the specialized field they are in charge of (i.e. bridge/tunnel specialist etc.).
  • Review of Risk Assessments and Safety Management Systems.
  • Review on the adequacy Designs and Method Statement Safety Measures.
  • Checking Health & Safety Plan - Health & Safety File at both Design and Construction Phase, providing with improvement suggestions and recommendations.
  • Checking of Risk Assessments.
  • Recording and Reporting on non-compliance events and practices.
  • Accident analysis / improvement suggestions.
  • Continuous Information and Training of OMEK and contractor’s staff on new developments and requirements.
  • Cooperation with local State Inspection Authorities

Relevant projects as field of application: Construction Manager at Egnatia Odos Highway Western Section, Athens Metro Technical Consultant, Thessaloniki Metro Technical Consultant, Independent Engineer for the Concession Projects of Ionia Odos/PATHE and Central Greece Motorway.