E-65 Central Greece Motorway

Karpenisi I/C Overpass 
Ch. 14+152

Precast Beams & Abutments of Sperchios River Bridge
Ch. 4+517

Tunnel 2 South Bore of lengths 3.100 m (LB) & 3065 (RB). Ch 26+900 – 29+903 (LB), 26+935– 30+002 (RB)

Tunnel 3A Portals of length 67m (LB) & 86m (RB) at ch.45+660

Tunnel 3 Bore Works of length 331m (LB) & 351m (RB) at ch. 46+280

Construction of Sub-base pavement layer at Ch. 62+120 – 62+940

Earthworks at ch. 113+590



Central Greece Motorway (E-65) Concession Project data

The Project that the Concessionaire undertook to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain for 30 years, is the:
(i)      “Central Greece Motorway E-65” motorway, of an approximate length of 174 km. from Lamia I/C to the Egnatia I/C,
(ii)      PATHE motorway, of an approximate length of 57 km. from Skarfia (location of HSRT overpass) to Raches.The total Design – Construction Price defined in the Concessionaire’s Offer is amounting to one billion and three hundred and fifty thousand million Euros (€1,350,000,000).

The E-65 Motorway is included in the Trans-European Network (TEN). It serves the international traffic gates at Igoumenitsa and Krystalopigi as well as inter-prefecture traffic. The Motorway commences at ch. 203+00 of PATHE motorway in Lamia area, and ends at Egnatia Motorway at Panagia I/C.

In Particular the Project includes:

  • 15 Interchanges
  • 7 Toll stations
  • 6 Motorist Service Stations
  • 3 Operation and Maintenance Centers
  • 7 Tunnels

Plus Bridges, Overpasses, Underpasses, retaining Walls, Box Culverts etc.