Ionia Odos & PATHE motorway

IONIA ODOS: Cantilever River Bridge EvinosConstruction at Ch. L. BR. 19+200,42 - 19+456,42

IONIA ODOS: Precast Beams Makyneia BridgeCh P 03+834, 92


IONIA ODOS: Makyneia Tunnelof lengths 437 m (LB) & 503 (RB).  Ch 4+017,00 – 4+453,50 (LB), 3+955,00 – 4+457,80 (RB) IONIA ODOS: Ampelia Tunnel of lengths 837 m (LB) & 810 (RB).
Ch 192+270,60 – 193+107,75 (LB), 192+287,70 – 193+097,74 (RB)

IONIA ODOS: Kalydona Tunnel of lengths 1199 m (LB) & 1191 (RB). Ch 24+057,50 – 25+256,00 (LB), 24+051,00 – 25+241,81  (RB)

PATHE: Pavement Rehabilitation Works PATHE: Pavement Rehabilitation Works

PATHE: YLIKI AREA Reconstruction Works

Ionia Odos & PATHE Motorways Concession Projects data

The Project that the Concessionaire undertook to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain is the:
(i)      “Ionia Odos” motorway, of an approximate length of 196 km. from Antirrio to the Egnatia I/C,
(ii)      PATHE motorway, of an approximate length of 172,5 km. from the Metamorphossi I/C to Skarfia (location of HSRT overpass).
(iii)     The PATHE connecting branch Schimatari - Chalkida

The total Design – Construction Price defined in the Concessionaire’s Offer is amounting to one billion seventy one million one hundred forty four thousand three hundred and eight Euros (€1,071,144,308).

The Ionia Odos Motorway will be part of the so called Kalamata – Kakavia axis of 460km long which will cover the western zone of Greece.
This axis will connect Κalamata, Pirgos, Rio, Antirio, Agrinio, Arta and Ioanina and will lead up to Kakavia on the borders with Albania.
The new road axis is divided in two sections:
- North Section, from Antirio to Κakavia. This section will include the projects of Agrinio and Arta bypasses currently under effectuation.
- South Section, which will be divided in two subsections: Patra – Pirgos and Pirgos - Kalamata.
It’s the North Section that will include the projects of the new IONIA ODOS motorway, the Concession Contract object.