Thessaloniki Metro

BasicCharacteristics of THESSALONIKI METRO

  • 9.5 km of Line (with two independent single track tunnels) constructed mostly (8 km) by means of two Tunnel Boring Machines. The remaining section of the Line will be constructed by the Cut and Cover method
  • A Depot in the Pylea Region (Votsi) covering a surface of 50,000 square meters.
  • 13 modern center platform stations
  • 18 ultra-automatic trains, fully air-conditioned, which will be run without a train driver, with an attendant aboard the train.
  • Platform screen doors, which guarantee greater safety level
  • Ridership         18 000 pphpd
  • Minimum horizontal radius
      • plain line                 200 m
      • Depot access line     60 m
  • Minimum vertical radius
      • plain line                 2500 m
      • Stations                  1250 m
      • Depot access line     1200 m
  • Tunnel nominal inside diameter       5.30 m
  • Tunnel minimal inside diameter       5.25 m
  • Maximum radial deviation tolerance 10 cm


Total            1,052 Mio Euros
Signaling             60 Mio Euros