Services Sectors

Indicative of the high quality services that OMEK provides, is the fact that it currently exercises the role of the Independent Engineer in the Concession Projects of IONIA ODOS & PATHE MOTORWAY and CENTRAL GREECE (E65) MOTORWAY summing a Budget of three (3) billion €, as well as the role of Technical Consultancy at Thessaloniki Metro. Amongst the Major Projects that OMEK was involved recently is the Athens Metro with a role of the Project Management and the Egnatia Odos Motorway Western region: “Igoumenitsa – Metsovo” (completed) with the role of Construction Management. The Western Section of Egnatia Odos Motorway is considered as one of the most difficult highway sections in Europe, since it was built in a trying mountainous relief including tunnels with a length of over 60 km in adverse geotechnical conditions, among which is the largest highway tunnel in Greece with a length of over 4.600m per branch, a scale never before contemplated in Greece.

More explicitly, the services that OMEK Consulting Engineers S.A. provides are: