Construction Sector

  • Project Cost Control and Project Time Schedule Monitoring
  • Geometrical and Geomechanical Monitoring and Control of the Constructions.
  • Supervision of the E/M Equipment & Systems Installation Works.
  • Control of Quantities Surveying, Certifications.
  • Assessment of Contractor’s Claims.
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Quality Management Systems.
  • Control and Monitoring of Embodied Materials
  • Supervision of implementation of Contractors Quality Control Programs.
  • Monitoring of implementation of Contractors Health & Safety Systems.
  • Control and Monitoring of implementation of the Projects Environmental Terms.
  • Review of Project Registry data.
  • Issuance of Works Completion Certificates, Participation in the Projects’ Handover procedures
  • Implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.
  • Materialization of Training Programs for the Project Owner’s personnel.