Expertise In Road Safety Audits

OMEK over the last years is a Major expertise in:

  •          Highway and Road Design Review (Phase I of RSA)
  •          Road Signage and Safety Design Review (Phase I of RSA)
  •          Adjacent Designs Review – Geotechnical, Drainage, Structural, E&M (Phase I of RSA)
  •          Road Construction Inspection, Design Deviations and Field Changes Assessment (Phase II of RSA)
  •          Road Operation and Maintenance Inspections, O&M Manuals review (Phase III of RSA)
  •          Accident data analysis (Phase III of RSA)
  •          Integration in GIS and Database environment.
  •          Use of innovative hardware (Mobile GPS Video Camera)
  •          Development and use of specialized software for data capturing. Video frame segmentation based on Road Axis Chainage, compilation of Photo Database.
  •          Proposals for measures required to be taken. Cost benefit analysis and decision making support for short term (urgent works) or long term interventions.

Relevant projects as field of application: Independent Engineer for the Concession Projects of Ionia Odos/PATHE and Central Greece Motorway.