Works Breakdown Structure

The Works Breakdown Structure (WBS) is developed at the initial stages of the Project and analyzes the project technical scope in detail, giving the ability of implementing traceable codification for any particular construction activity. All methods developed for the WBS provide Instructions for the analysis of the Project in Distinctive Solely Measurable Project Items and Instructions for the Codification and Data Bases Inputs.
The level of WBS analysis is depended on the specific needs related to the nature and the contract of the Project:

  • Detailed information regarding various Project Processes.
  • Level of Risk Management
  • Level of Control and Monitoring
  • Accuracy of evaluation
  • Estimated Value and Time Schedule of each selected Entity.

A Typical Model of WBS Interaction with the Documents Codification System is presented below.


General Description of the Implemented Methodology to develop the Project Works Breakdown System
The Methodology of developing the WBS as working tool for the Projects is implemented by approaching and analyzing / defining the following (depending on the phase of the Project):
Fundamental Systems at the Project Start Up phase:

  • Hierarchical Analysis of the Works (Works Breakdown Structure).
  • Codification of Contract Documents and Designs’ Drawings and Reports.
  • Codification of Construction Works and Documentation.

During the Project Execution phase, the processes are controlled using the above developed systems integrated in the Quality Management System, providing project control with regard to:

  • Project Time Schedule and Progress Control.
  • Project Cost Scheduling Planning and Cost Control.