Quality Management Systems

OMEK over the last 20 years has adapted a working approach of developing and implementing Quality Management Systems, compatible to the International Standards and adequate for the management of Major Infrastructure Projects. This has been established as OMEK “know how” and the fact is fully realized and appreciated by the Clients.

As a result, OMEK within the frame of the consultancy services was authorized to develop Quality Management Procedures and Documents for the following cases:

  • The set of Quality Management Procedures for the Construction Supervision of Egnatia Odos Motorway Project,
  • The Quality Management System for the Supervision Teams of Attiko Metro SA.

The philosophy of the QMS development is:

  1. Realize the Project and Organization and establish the QMS Structure and Processes.
  2. Analyze each Process in accordance to the Contract Specifications and establish relevant Operating Procedures (OP) and Work Instructions (WI).
  3. Develop the OPs and WIs in accordance to the Contract and Technical Specifications of the Project,
  4. Adjust all Processes and Procedures to the Organization EPS and OBS.
  5. Involvement all relevant staff to reflect existing practices considered as admissible.


Strict implementation of the authorized QMS is aiming in:

  1. Providing the staff its daily duties
  2. Training and Human Resources Management
  3. Internal control and detection of required improvements
  4. Handling the files and documents
  5. Documented description in the form of OPs and WIs for the internal operation
  6. Documented description in the form of OPs and WIs for the Design and Construction Supervision Services.

Typical example of the philosophy for the development of a QMS applicable in the Major Infrastructure Projects Supervision is the case of the Independent Engineer QMS Structure developed in the Greek Concession Motorways Projects of Ionia Odos and Central Greece (E65), which is presented in the next pages.